Therapeutic perspectives of epigenetically active nutrients

Autoren:Remely, M.; Lovrecic, L. (University of Ljubljana); de la Garza, A. L. (Universidad de Navarra); Migliore, L. (Università degli Studi di Pisa); Peterlin, B. (University of Ljubljana); Milagro, F. I. (Universidad de Navarra); Martinez, A. J. (Universidad de Navarra); Haslberger, A. G.
Abstrakt:Many nutrients are known for a wide range of activities in prevention and alleviation of various diseases. Recently, theirpotential role in regulating human health through effects on epigenetics has become evident, although specific mechanismsare still unclear. Thus, nutriepigenetics/nutriepigenomics has emerged as a new and promising field in current epigeneticsresearch in the past few years. In particular, polyphenols, as part of the central dynamic interaction between the genome andthe environment with specificity at physiological concentrations, are well known to affect mechanisms underlying humanhealth. This review summarizes the effects of dietary compounds on epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of geneexpression including expression of enzymes and other molecules responsible for drug absorption, distribution, metabolismand excretion in cancer, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative disorders and hormonal dysfunction.
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Journaltitel:British Journal of Pharmacology
Peer reviewed:true
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