New insights into tocopherol research with emphasis on gamma-tocopherol and delta-tocopherol

Autoren:Wagner, Karl-Heinz; Isnardy, Bettina
Abstrakt:Vitamin E research in recent years has broadened and changed, with a shift from studies using only synthetic -tocopherol towards the evaluation of other forms, mainly - and -tocopherol. In addition, alternative functions of vitamin E have been proposed, in particular the effects of - and -tocopherol on gene expression. These non-antioxidant functions ¿ as a signalling molecule, a regulator of gene expression, and (possibly) in the prevention of cancer and atherosclerosis ¿ will be investigated increasingly in the near future.
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Journaltitel:Lipid Technology
Volume:Vol. 18
Nummer:No. 2
Peer reviewed:true
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