Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen König

Specialized Human Nutrition

Our working group deals with the regulatory mechanisms of hunger and satiety on the physiological level under the influence of non physiological stimuli. Our activities also include the nutrition monitoring of the Austrian population.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Wagner

Nutrition and Food Quality

Our working group is focusing on the effects of life style factors on cellular and molecular mechanisms of chronic disease development and age associated questions.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ina Bergheim

Molecular Nutritional Sciences

Our working group focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying the development and progression of metabolic liver diseases as well as their prevention and therapy.


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The Department's research is divided into several working groups dedicated to different areas of nutritional sciences. These examine the relationsships and effects of food on humans or humans on food.

Professorships at the Department

Research areas at the Department

Doz. Dr. Alexander Haslberger

Working Group Haslberger

The working group focuses on how GI microbiota and food ingredients affect the epigenetic regulation of inflammation, obesity, ageing, DNA- repair mechanisms   as elements of an individualized nutrition for a personalized health prevention.


Dr. Georg Hoffmann, Privatdoz.

Evidence-based nutritional sciences

My major research topic is focused on evidence-based nutritional sciences by means of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Petra Rust

Health Monitoring of Vulnerable Groups

The monitoring of health and nutritional behavior is essential for the development of measures to improve the nutritional status of vulnerable groups.


ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dorota Majchrzak

Sensory evaluation

We are working on the sensory evaluation of foods, a scientific discipline focusing on the connection between products and their sensational perception.


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Claudia Angele

Didactics of nutrition

The subject didactics of nutrition are concerned with teaching and learning about nutrition in the context of educational processes in and out of school, and with establishing their empirical basis through subject-specific research and development.