Mechanistic insights: Bilirubin, a novel tool for prevention of dyslipidaemia and coronary heart diseases

Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung - H-277306/2016

Obesity, genetically elevated bilirubin and cancer risk

Grant_ FWF - Austrian Science Fund, Project No. P32303

Grant: EU, Interreg Solvakia-Austria (2014-2020), European Regional Development Fund

The role of Bilirubin in Colorectal Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Development

Grant: FWF - Austrian Science Fund - P 29608

BILIHEALTH: Bilirubin metabolism: A novel tool for health promotion

Grant: Various

MIKRODIAB - Chromosomal Damage in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Grant: Internal

BIOAGE - Extension, enhancement and strengthening of established collaborations to create an international knowledge base for biomarker based research on ageing

Grant: EU - Framework 7 - IRSES-2012-People

NATÖL - Type II diabetes and PUFA-rich vegetable oil.

Grant: European Commission, City of Vienna, Border Cross Programme, Project No.: 51/06

IRONMAN - Risk Assessment of IRONMAN Triathlon participants

Grant: FWF-Austrian Science Fund, Project No. P18610

GERN - A healthy diet and sustainability

Grant: FWF-Austrian Science Fund, PROVISION, Project No. PRV500002

Double Fresh - Towards a new generation of healthier and tastier ready-to-eat meals with fresh ingredients (“Double Fresh”)

Grant: EU - Framework 6 - Priority 5 “Food Quality and Safety”, Proposal/Contract no.: FOOD-CT-2006-023182

Research Platform - Active Ageing

Grant: University of Vienna, Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank, Bürgermeisterfonds der Stadt Wien

Diaplant - Influence of a Life-Style Intervention on Risk Factors for Type II Diabetes Complications

Grant: EU - Framework 7 - Cross Border Project

Bile Pigments - Physiological Relevance of Bile Pigments

Grant: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)